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8 Ball Pool is an online game which you can play on your Android or iOS devices. This is a very popular game which is played by millions of player. It is like a mini billiards which you can keep in your pocket and play anytime you want. Here you can easily compete with different types of competitors and learn new skills. As this is a motion sensor games so it will need some time for you to become comfortable with it. But before starting the game, it is very much important to watch the gaming tutorials as well as learn the gaming rules so that you won’t make any foul moved. So here in this article, we are going to tell you some of the important gaming rules of 8 Ball Pool which every beginner should know.

Rules of 8 Ball Pool

Calling pocket: When you want to call any particular pocket, then all you have to do is select the particular pocket where you want to put the ball. There will be many mid ranks or other tables that will make you call the targeted pockets. But when you will be playing on tables with higher rank and then you will have to call for the pocket every time you hit the ball, many players failed to do so and they got banned after trying to hack 8 ball pool.

Foul: Foul is something which everyone is afraid to make while playing a game like this. So there are three types of foul which a player can make. The first one is when you will get a very short time for making any shot. So always try to make the shot quickly so that you are not missing any other shot. So lining the balls properly is a very important step in this game. When you will hit any ball of your team with a white ball but it misses them, or it fails to get in contact with any of the balls then it will consider as a foul. Playing properly can easily help you to prevent this fouls.

Potting: Always try to avoid potting these 8 balls and then pot the other object balls, and do make the cue and the other 8 balls fall with the same type of shot. If you by mistake pot any type of colored ball in the beginning and then pot the 8 ball in that particular shot, then it will be considered a foul.

Follow these basic rules for playing the game properly and do not forget to check the tutorials.

The latest mobile legends game has emerged to drool the mind of game lovers. A player always looks up to ways and tricks to get reach the high winning rankings in the game. The mobile legends hack proves to give quick access to get the unlimited resources which are essential and are a hear content of the mobile legend game. In order to win each level, a player has unlimited amount of resources and items into their account. The resources in this game are keys, diamonds, tickets, and gems. The mobile legends hack gives easy access to the players to get unlimited resources into their account just for free. This hacking tool was specially designed by the hack generators so that every player can get quick access to the gems so that they can enjoy their games hassle free and without any interventions.

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Hay Day is a free to premium mobile game about farming. It is a farming simulation game close to the ranks of Farmville, but with its own charm. Hay Day is about a man who is the player’s uncle. The uncle is down on his luck trying to keep his farm together and requires the help of you, the player, to help him keep his farm from failing and falling apart. It is a multitasking game where you have to keep track of several things at once. You have to keep care of the animals which involves feeding them and looking after them, and the crops that are the main yield of your farm like wheat and corn.

The crops you harvest can be sold and traded in exchange for being rewarded with coins, hay day free diamonds or XP points that help you level up in the game. Gaining these coins and XP points however, is way more time consuming than it sounds and really bogs down the enjoyment of experience of the busy or occupied casual player who is just looking to relax and at the same time level up. Hay Day hacks that help you get around to taking care of your farm in a more efficient and less stressful way. This article will be exploring one such Hay Day hack that helps you in spotting unlocked treasure chest around the Hay Day world.

Inside the box can be found many useful tools and other items that you can use to help you run the farm without a hassle. What do you do if the tool box is still locked? Just keep repeating the same process mentioned above, again and again until you can come across a box that is unlocked. The great thing about this Hay Day hack is that you can keep getting free things this way, for as long as the technique keeps working.