Time is everything when it comes to playing strategy games like Clash Royale, and you need to plan the entire game play around that to be able to get an upper hand over your crafty opponents. Whenever you win a battle with any opponent you might earn some loot with it, and one of the things that is included in these loots is a chest. You get awarded chests after winning battles, and these chests contain all kinds of valuable items like gems and elixirs and more, so they are very sought after and of the utmost importance.

The Problem with Chests and How Clash Royale Cheats Can Help

The thing with this game is that it takes quite some time and waiting to be able to unlock a chest and get it to open so you can get the items that come locked inside it. Now each player only has up to four chest slots available at a given time in the game, so it is even more important to try to open them up as soon as you can without having to put too much time and patience into it so that you can make room for other chests that you keep availing from battles. This can be extremely infuriating and let’s face it, no one likes a long wait for a reward, especially in a strategy game like Clash Royale. This is why using Clash Royale Cheats can give you a leg up and kill that waiting time for opening the chests.

Using the Clash Royale Cheats and Hacks for Chests

When you’re running low on time, taking help for using Clash Royale cheats can helps you advance faster in the game without putting much time into game play. To open the chests faster in the game you can take help from Clash Royale cheats. Whenever you are able to open new chests you get a chance to access new cards. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a Rare or Epic card. If you get a free chest, it will open immediately. So just time your different types of chests according to the time they take to open and sync them up to be able to open them in a timely fashion. So after the allotted opening time for each chest you can easily access all the great goods located inside them!

What is the most common mistake Homescapes players make? Keep in mind that Homescapes is all about two-key game elements. Make a mistake on your strategy for these elements and you’re going to have a much tougher time with the game. It may seem like you’re making progress as you go from level to level and you solve puzzle after puzzle, but you’re not going to be moving as efficiently as you could. You’re not going to be achieving as much within the game as you could otherwise.

The most common mistake Homescapes players make is that they assume that all the puzzles in the game are basically impossible. They think that everything is hard, so they have to essentially blow a lot of their coins. This is a very predictable, common and really sad mistake because if you quickly blow through your coins, it would turn out that if you only get past a certain puzzle, everything else would be fairly easy until the next difficult puzzle appears.

Believe it or not, there are certain levels in the game that are actually quite easy. They’re often sandwiched between very challenging levels. I wish I could tell you with all certainty which levels these are, but the problem is, different people have different puzzle solving skills. For example, you might solve one level very easily and I might have a tough time with it. However, there might be a level that I solve quickly that you find the most impossible to deal with. Do you see how this works?

It’s different for everybody and that’s why it’s really pointless to say that you have to absolutely use your coins when you reach a certain level. This is the common mistake people have because they think that they just have to use their coins. The key to success at Homescapes is to be as strategic as possible when spending your coins. That’s it. That’s the big mystery. That is your big project.

You basically need to feel out each puzzle in terms of difficulty and really give each puzzle your best try. Don’t expect that each puzzle has to be as easy as possible because this is going to lead you to blowing through all the coins you have in no time. Reserve that coins only if the puzzle is just extremely difficult. If it’s obvious that it’s going to take you a long time to get past that point, then and only then would it make sense for you to use your coins.


Of course, you generate coins while playing the game and solving puzzles, but you can make things easier for yourself by using the Homescapes hack. These use coins referral system so people get free coins. Once you have gotten coins through these easy-to-use hacks, do not spend them too freely. In fact, reserve your usage of them only for puzzles that seem undoable. It’s as if you just kept hitting your head against the wall and nothing seems to work. That’s the only time you should use your coins.
Keep it at that level and Homescapes will not only be fun but it would be a quick and amazing experience. Otherwise, it can get downright frustrating and I would not be surprised if you feel so discouraged that you end up quitting. It doesn’t have to end that way.